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Support voucher for simulation, Salome-Meca, Code_Aster, product development and FEM basics

You need individual support as part of a 1: 1 cooperation on the following topics:

  • Product development and product optimization
  • Development and optimization of manufacturing processes
  • Mechanical modeling
  • Construction of simulation models
  • Evaluation of simulation results
  • Software application from Salome-Meca (Code_Aster) and Salome_CFD (Code_Saturne)
  • FEA and CFD basics
  • Mechanical issues and optimization

We are happy to support you. With our different support vouchers, you get the right individual support for every project and every challenge. Let’s face the challenge together and book a support voucher.

What our customers say

“My task was the construction of a fatigue-resistant, flameless pressure relief for explosion protection in the wood industry. The challenges that arise, in particular high vibration amplitudes with low permissible weight, I solved in cooperation with Mr. Vonstein. His skills in technical mechanics and virtual product development in particular helped us a lot. We look forward to future cooperation with the Vonstein & Partner engineering office and thus to exciting joint projects! “

Marcel Vogtland

Development engineer, REMBE GmbH

“My job was the finite element analysis of an injection molding tool. Thanks to a combination of training and support, the project was successful. The ability of Mr. Vonstein to quickly understand the product and process requirements. “

Tobias Schneider

Development engineer, EJOT GmbH & Co. KG